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Automated Architecture, Inc. can be summed up in three words: web applications ... instantly. This page will help sketch out where to go for details.

Pages On Our Site

Page Name Detail Audience Summary
Blue Ink Overview Low Everyone A summary of Blue Ink and its benefits.
Demo Medium-Low Everyone Interact with a sample Blue Ink generated application.
Time Savings Medium Somewhat Technical A detailed success story. Plus, estimate potential time savings with our time savings calculator.
Success Stories Low Everyone Positive feedback and success stories directly from our users.
Forums N/A Everyone The Blue Ink Net user commmunity.
Evaluate Blue Ink N/A Developers Evaluate Blue Ink at no charge for 30 days or on an unlimited basis for databases with 15 or fewer tables.
Application Architecture Medium Developers The architecture of Blue Ink generated applications.
Sample Code High Developers Details behind a sample page of the Northwind Demo.
The JAG Methodology High Somewhat Technical Our recommended approach to software development.
Rapid Application Development High Everyone What does Rapid Application Development really mean?
Blue Ink Technical Details High Somewhat Technical A 16 page white paper explaining how Blue Ink works and what makes it unique.


What is JAG?

What is a web application?


What is Rapid Application Development?


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