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Expanded Community Support

December 14 2005

Today we greatly expanded our community services by adding Support Forums and Success Stories to our community section. We also added new Frequently Asked Questions and expanded the FAQ functionality.

Support Forums

We are excited to offer message board style unmoderated forums for the purposes of Blue Ink technical support and general questions and comments. We have started with an issues forum and a general discussion forum, but will add new message boards as necessary. We look forward to hearing from you!

Success Stories

We have collected and added four success stories to our website, directly in the words of our users. We have furthermore added the facility for users to submit new success stories. If you have found success using Blue Ink please consider adding your story.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have expanded our list of frequently asked questions to include technical as well as pre-sales questions. Furthermore we have added the facility for users to suggest new FAQ's. Once approved users get credit for suggesting the FAQ and expanding our knowledge base.


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