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Blue Ink Version 1.4.1

November 28 2005

Version 1.4.1 of Blue Ink resolves small and medium defects, improves UI and workflow documentation, and adds some new features. Version 1.4.1 is net yet available on Cnet, but can be downloaded from our community section or clicking: here

Release Notes

Version 1.4.1 is the latest version of Blue Ink. The following changes have been made to Blue Ink since its initial launch (version 1.0.0):

Blue Ink 1.4.1

  • New (132): Added next steps page after creating a project (instead of table level meta-data)
  • New (132): Updated descriptions on home page and throughout application to be more useful
  • New (160): Added "Yes to All" and "No to All" options when generating and file has changed
  • New (108): Meta-data Import/export now includes entity/associative/lookup & natural language name info
  • New (142): Table level meta-data page now displays table name
  • New (94): Added update connection string option to Project->Database menu
  • New (134): Added meta-data import/export options to menu to make them easier to find
  • New (143): Blue Ink Project (.bip) files are now associated with Blue Ink
  • Fixed (54): Timeout error & .bip corrupt when meta-data page is open too long
  • Fixed (74): "reference not set to an instance of an object." when saving while meta-data page is open
  • Fixed (98): Invalid connection strings caused errors when updating database info
  • Fixed (107): Importing answers on new project caused errors
  • Fixed (72): Long template/project/solution names caused errors
  • Fixed (89): Duplicate template names caused errors
  • Fixed (111): "Execution Completed Successfully" sometimes opened behind window
  • Fixed (128): Meta-data Guess columns were editable in Table Level Meta-data screen
  • Fixed (96): Removed the multiple subtopics for a single help file in the help system
  • Fixed (77): Fixed tab order on License Upgrade page
  • Fixed (82): Fixed columns for execution results tab on edit question page
  • Fixed (138): Required initial catalog file on connection tab of create new project page
  • Fixed (109): Sorted tables by name on table level meta-data page
  • Fixed (114): Renamed initial catalog on connection tab of create new project page
  • Fixed (140): Mentioned (.bimd) file when exporting/importing since it was unclear
  • Fixed (141): Left scroll bar didn't work on edit questions page

Blue Ink 1.4.0

  • Fixed (81): Object reference not set to an instance of an object sometimes occurred on generate
  • Fixed (87): Quick code doesn't accept the enter key
  • Fixed (73): Blue Ink sometimes corrupts .bip files
  • Fixed (1): Blue Ink icons don't display correctly for uninstall and in start menu
  • Fixed (63): Home page text is specific to beta version
  • Fixed (62): Removed unused preferences tab
  • Fixed (60): Removed unused "Add Existing Question" option from solution tree
  • Fixed (57): Fixed Guess Accuracy typo
  • Fixed (65): Fixed "reference is not set to an instance of an object" error when editing questions
  • Fixed (78): Updated incorrect error message when creating project with expired evaluation
  • Fixed (67): Updated app so new users can create projects correctly
  • Fixed (53): Removed error when clicking default answer then away then back again on meta-data page

Blue Ink 1.3.0

  • Fixed (48): Can now update project name and other database level info
  • Fixed (52): Fixed "microsoft.web.services2" error in some environments

Blue Ink 1.2.0

  • New (45): Added ability to view version
  • New (6): Added author information to template solution search page
  • New (28): Added close button to meta-data page
  • Fixed (2): Added banner during install
  • Fixed (16): # tables sometimes computed incorrectly
  • Fixed (36): Added hourglass during save operation
  • Fixed (7): Renamed "Add Solution" link on template search
  • Fixed (39): Disabled menu items that were incorrectly enabled
  • Fixed (13): Added titles to all forms instead of generic "Form Base"
  • Fixed (38): Defaulted cursor to username field on login screen
  • Fixed (43): Fixed entries hiding below due to wrong z-order on never overwrite list page
  • Fixed (41): Made edit question page modal since it caused errors when opened multiple times
  • Fixed (24): Made default confidence numeric instead of text
  • Fixed (23): Default code is wrong on add question page
  • Fixed (17): Fixed table display list when creating project & return to page
  • Fixed (5): Removed default text from text boxes on template search

Blue Ink 1.1.0

  • Fixed (14): "Column 'PhysicalTableName' does not belong to table NewTables." on update database
  • Fixed (12): Fixed font color on add template page
  • Fixed (26): Redid tab order on add & edit question pages
  • Fixed (42): Disallowed duplicate question names in a project which caused error
  • Fixed (29): Redid default template code for add template page
  • Fixed (4): Fixed "Timestamp cannot be in the future" error on connection for some environments
  • Fixed (46): Columns with names of reserved keywords previously caused errors, resolved
  • Fixed (25): Removed "Parent question" field on add and edit template pages (will implement later)
  • Fixed (10): Relates to shouldn't contain N-M N-1, 1-1 relations
  • Fixed (15): Fixed invalid value error when updating connection string
  • Fixed (35): New tables would sometimes cause errors when updating database info, resolved error
  • Fixed (27): Tables can no longer be Entity AND Associative
  • Fixed (18): Clicking checkboxes with mouse didn't work correctly on table level meta-data page
  • Fixed (3): Lookup checkboxes now require one click instead of two on table level meta-data page
  • Fixed (11): Column 'BaseQuestionServerId' does not belong to table Questions on add question
  • Fixed (9): Occasional "Unhandled exception arg cannot be 0 length" on generation
  • Fixed (22): Blue Ink can now handle odd characters in db relationship names


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