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Newsletter Issue Four

October 27 2005

This week Google increased our website popularity rating from three, to four out of ten; only two points below its rating of the Gantthead project management portal. The increased rating reflects our search engine optimization efforts over the last six months. Our efforts have further been rewarded with an average of 1,000 unique web site visits a month and more than 100 downloads of Blue Ink since CNet's listed us two months ago! So much has happened since the last newsletter and now seems the perfect time for an update after our recent publications. Please read on for details, and as always don't hesitate to contact me at or toll free 877-756-3595.

Published & Republished

Last week we gained significant market exposure through publication on both project management and software development portals. On Monday, the popular project management portal, published Cracking The Code, an article by Blue Ink author Lee Richardson promoting the benefits of Code Generation on software development projects (note: viewing requires obtaining a free account). At about the same time the software developer portal republished Automated Architecture's Rapid Application Development, an article that explains the oft misunderstood software development methodology. The additional exposure has already increased our site traffic, and we expect continued growth as we publish additional articles in the future.

Gaining Momentum

Through search engine optimization and word of mouth, the last six months has brought continually increasing website traffic and interest in Blue Ink. In that time we have consistently seen 60 to 80 percent increases in the number of site visitors and Blue Ink downloads per month. This month we project 1,632 visitors will come to our site, 344 of which will visit more than one page, and 20 of which will demo Blue Ink -- all without spending a cent on advertising. With a solid base of search engine cataloged website content, our future advertising dollars will go further as website users find free, credential enhancing, content such as our recent Data Modeling in Microsoft Visio article.

Success Stories

With multiple success stories now under our belt, we are putting together a testimonials page. In one success story, the International Center for Alcohol Policy, a non-profit think tank based in DC, rewrote a small customer relationship management (CRM) application using Blue Ink in only 16 hours, which had originally taken over 80 hours. Their new application has more functionality, is more soundly architected, and best of all was free, as their database contained fewer than 15 tables! (See licensing summary for details.) If you found success through Blue Ink, please let us know and allow us to add your story to our site.

What's Next

With the valuable feedback we are now receiving from customers we are returning focus to Blue Ink usability and feature enhancements. After we release the next version of Blue Ink we will focus on magazine product reviews, a reciprocal link program, Google keyword advertising, and advertising on developer portals. Thanks for your continued support during this period of increasing Blue Ink momentum.


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