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Updated templates: 2.3.5

September 30 2005


Updated the Blue Ink default template and fixed defects: 119, 120, 121, 123 and 124. These were mostly minor issues including some functions not being marked virtual or protected.

Defects Resolved

Defect 119: The view all page was displaying times with dates. Updated to only display dates.

Defect 120: Search Page had mwuc[TableName]ViewMultiple marked as private, this was updated to protected.

Defect 121: Edit Page Base was incorrectly using the UserInsertable instead of UserEditable meta-data question.

Defect 123: The GetLookups function in BrBase was previously marked as private. Updated to virtual.

Defect 124: It was not previously possible to overload the process of loading & binding data for dropdowns on the search page as it is with other pages. Functions were added to provide this functionality.


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