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Newsletter Issue Three

April 30 2005

Fantastic News! On its most recent software development project Blue Ink increased productivity over 400%! Furthermore we have released Blue Ink into production, so there should be nothing stopping your next project from attaining those same results! Finally we have completely rebuilt our website and we invite you to take a look around and provide feedback. Read on for more details, and as always please don't hesitate to direct any questions or comments to me at:

Success Story

In April, Headstrong Public Sector completed a resource management web development project for a top four consulting company. This was the first production use of Blue Ink and the Just-In-Time Application Generation (JAG) Methodology. Assuming traditional methods of hand coding, a traditional development methodology, and based on the project size and complexity, the project would have taken 1,936 development hours to complete. Using Blue Ink and the JAG software development methodology the project was completed in 368 hours, resulting in a 426% increase in productivity! The project completed successfully and produced a very happy client. More details are available on the new Time Savings page of our website.

Production Release

On May 23 after stabilizing the beta release, Automated Architecture released Blue Ink into production. We encourage you to evaluate Blue Ink, which you can do for free for the first 30 days from the time you create your Blue Ink Net account. Thereafter you can use Blue Ink for free on databases with fewer than 15 tables. As far as pricing we now accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express or we can always arrange for invoicing by contacting us; more details on licensing are available on our Licensing Summary page.

New Website

As of today we have completed a major renovation of our website, and we encourage you to take a look at The Site Tour page provides highlights including a rewritten description of the JAG methodology, a time savings calculator, and a new technical description of the architecture that Blue Ink generates. We also completely updated our Northwind demo, which is now based on the latest version of templates (2.3.3, as opposed to 1.0).

What's Next

Now that we have a production version we can focus on refinements and enhancements. The next big tasks include enhancing the Blue Ink Net services, including providing inline, community-based, support within Blue Ink, and releasing a new version of the templates that will work with Oracle.


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