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Newsletter Issue Two

January 7 2005

There have been many exciting changes since Blue Ink's first newsletter in December. On February 1 we released a beta copy of Blue Ink which has now been used in two production environments. We have also released a new detailed technical white paper, and for those still not quite sure what Blue Ink does, we now have a sample Blue Ink generated application on our website. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or especially if you know of anyone that would be interested in a copy of the Blue Ink newsletters:

Product Status

Blue Ink is now in beta. We have completed a run through of test scripts and the remaining open issues are mostly cosmetic. Some community based services such as help forums (which are built into the application) remain to be implemented, but the core functionality is in place and functioning as advertised. Once the additional functionality is built, the remaining issues are resolved, and documentation is finalized, Blue Ink will be ready for production. We expect the production application to be ready in late March.

The beta is currently available in the community section of the website and we encourage you to download a copy. Please contact us and we will set you up as a beta tester, giving you full, unlimited access to the product.

Demo Application

To demonstrate the power of Blue Ink we generated a sample sales application with Blue Ink based on the Northwind database (which is installed with Microsoft SQL Server) and placed it on our website. Please take a look, try adding a new sale or editing an employee. Try to break the application if you like. Don't worry about modifying data, everything is reset nightly. While this is not a finished application, please take a look at it and keep in mind that:

  • It was built in less than 15 minutes. Now imagine having it as a starting point for your next project!
  • It is built with enterprise level (n-tier) code and was built on Microsoft's best practices.
  • It was built with a version 1 set of templates. The next version will have far more features.

Technical Whitepaper

The new Technical Details whitepaper is a 16 page document aimed at developers that explains Blue Ink Templates and Meta-Data Questions & Answers, and describes the features provided to Blue Ink by The Blue Ink Net such as template sharing.

What's Next

Thanks for your continued interest in Blue Ink. I will keep you posted with product status and the next big milestone: the production version. If, however, you would like to be removed from this list please let me know.


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