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To Create Relationship between 2 Tables of Different Page

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Jan 3 2006
8:39 PM
I want to create foreign key relation for two tables in different page,ie I have table with PK in Page1 and FK in Page2 How to map the relationship.

Lee Richardson

Jan 9 2006
9:34 AM

I understand your question to be: "How do I create a relationship between two tables?" This depends on the DBMS, but I'll assume you mean SQL Server, since Blue Ink works primarily with that. I would highly recommend designing your database with a modeling tool such as Microsoft Visio (there is an article about this under the Articles section). Otherwise you can use the following technique to create the relationship by hand:

1. Click "Diagrams" under your database in the Enterprise Manager.

2. Right click and select "New Database Diagram."

3. Select the tables you want to join from the wizard and click Finish.

4. Drag your foreign key to your primary key and make sure to check: "Check existing data on creation" and "Enforce relationships for replication" and "Enforce relationships for INSERTs and UPDATEs"

5. Save

You can delete the diagram once your done or not (as long as you save it first), but I find this technique the next best thing to using a true modeling tool.

By the way sorry for the delay, I was out of town. I will respond more quickly in the future, and encourage others responding as well.

Once you have the relationship set up Blue Ink should be able to read the relationship and create an application with the correct links. Please let me know if this does not answer your question.

- Lee

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