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Disabling write-access to records

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Apr 26 2006
1:40 PM
I want to disable "write" access to certain records based on status field and user-role. Is there a easier way to do that via BlueInk?
Lee Richardson

Apr 26 2006
1:49 PM

Disabling write access to a particular table is very simple with Blue Ink. Simply update the GetPermittedUserActions() function in BusinessComponents\Security_Br.cs. The function is given a user name, and returns a comma separated list of actions. In the comments for the function are all available permissions. You can copy, paste, and return these.

I consider this type of security to be table level security. If you are trying to do row level security (e.g. one row in a table may be visisble while another is not) I will need more details about what you are trying to do.

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