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Modifying the .ascx file

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Apr 6 2006
8:15 AM
I want to modify the BlueInk generate "search results datagrid" to include more columns. How do I go about doing that?
Apr 6 2006
12:15 PM
For every column that you would like to see visible in your search results data grid, you will need to answer Yes to the "IdentifyingField" MetaData question.

Meta Data and Questions
-Column Specific Questions and select/expand the Column you would like to see in your results.
-IdentifyingField - Answer "Checked"

That should take care of it.

Hope this helps
Lee Richardson

Apr 6 2006
2:56 PM

In hindsight your quesiton was probably more simple than I made it out. Dmittakarin8's answer probably was sufficient. Regardless, I interpreted your question broadly and wrote an article on how to add arbitary data as additional fields rather than just setting the IdentifyingField attribute. I've included many best practices, and hope that you or others in the Blue Ink community may find value in the article. The article is: Blue Ink Best Practices: Displaying More Columns.

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