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View Detail pages are the most complicated elements of Blue Ink generated code. The following diagrams help show what's going on behind the Order View Detail page of the Northwind demo.

To begin with a high level architectural overview see Application Architecture.

Order View Detail

View Detail pages use web user controls to display information such that it can be reused on other pages.

The Code

Each box in the diagram below represents an element of code used when a user views the Order View Detail Page. Click a box to display a popup of the code.

Typed Datasets

The Orders_ViewDetailDataSet class, referred to in nearly every file, is a strongly typed dataset that holds Order data. Strongly typed datasets allow type checking at compile time and intelli-sense in Visual Studio. Blue Ink generates a .xsd and Visual Studio's xsd.exe command turns it into a dataset. The following diagram shows the .xsd graphically:

The Orders_ViewDetailDataSet_BaseXsd.xsd strongly typed dataset as viewed in Microsoft Visual Studio.


What is a web application?

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