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Lee Richardson is author of Blue Ink and founder of Automated Architecture, Inc.

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Lee Richardson is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Automated Architecture, Inc. and is the author of the Blue Ink application and the JAG Methodology.


Lee Richardson is a software engineer of ten years, an entrepreneur of five years, and has eight years of experience in the consulting industry. Lee has a Computer Science degree from Ohio Wesleyan University, is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), and a Project Management Professional (PMP). He has brought value to numerous public and private sector clients including the U.S. Senate and KPMG.


Seven Signs - Published November 2006 on Is your project headed for trouble? This article describes some ways out of the mess. It will revisit seven of the most common causes for project failure, consider their solutions and provide some techniques you might have missed such as developing an ERD from Day One, and driving the user interface based on the structure of your data.

Nine ASP.Net Site Navigation Problems and Solutions: Part 2 - Published August 2006 on Explains how to grant or deny users access to pages in your sites, automatically reflect that in your navigation, and how to create dynamic site maps using database-driven data. The article covers extending ASP.Net 2.0's provider model and using the SqlCacheDependency to have SQL Server 2005 notify your application when data changes.

Nine ASP.NET Site Navigation Problem and Solutions: Part 1 - Published July 2006 on Explains Find out how to use ASP.NET 2.0's site navigation controls to not only make building site navigation displays simple, but also solve real-world problems, such as hiding selected pages, or displaying "breadcrumbs.".

Nested DataGrids Simplify Hierarchical Data Display - Published May 2006. A technical article that describes how to use nested DataGrids to display hierarchical data.

Cracking the Code - Published August 2005 on Describes the benefits of Code Generation.

Rapid Application Development - Published August 2005 on Describes the oft misunderstood software development methodology.


Members of Linked In, an online network that lets professionals pull together and manage their contacts, have the following to say about Lee Richardson:

"I worked with Lee on several projects and was impressed by his work ethic, professionalism, technical skills, and attention to detail. Lee is a creative thinker and an excellent problem solver. He is an asset to his coworkers and clients, and I would work with him again anytime."

Ankush Tewari
June 2, 2007

"In over a dozen projects we have been involved in together, Lee has never failed to establish himself as integral to a project's success over its entire lifecycle. In many cases, Lee's technical innovation shortened our timeline, reduced cost, or outright saved the project. Lee is the most intelligent, productive, and driven developer I have worked with at Headstrong."

Eric Nelson
March 15, 2006

"I have known Lee for over 15 years and worked with him on numerous projects. Lee is professional, responsive and meticulously thorough and well researched. He uses his tools and experience to innovate new and creative solutions. After seeing his early work with Headstrong, I have watched with pride over the last couple years as his ambitions have come alive with Automated Architecture."

David Courage
July 22, 2005

"Lee is innovative, professional and a technical talent. I have had a chance to BETA test Automated Architecture's "Blue Ink" and it is a great product. Blue Ink is an example of how talented and innovative Lee really is."

Denis Mittakarin
August 16, 2005

"Lee is one of the best and creative application developers I have had the pleasure of working with during my career. Not only is he tuned into the latest development technologies but he also relates them to the business objective to be achieved."

Andy Makowka
July 13, 2005

"It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Lee. He is a very intelligent professional with diverse interests. I worked with Lee on several consulting engagements, and he ALWAYS delivered top quality results in management, and technical oriented roles. Lee is truly a phenomenal talent who excels when he is given leadership responsibilities."

Matt Healy
November 15, 2005

"Lee has a great mixture of everything one needs to be successful in the software industry. Whether it be design and development or analysis and project management, Lee has proven himself more than capable to head up any such task. Not only has Lee shown me the "ins" and "outs" of Blue Ink, he has done so in an extremely friendly and professional manner. He's got my vote!"

Cory Virok
November 14, 2005


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