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Automated Architecture's History

This page contains a history of Blue Ink including information about its predecessor (1999-2000), its design, development and launch (2001-2005), and its recent success (Q1 2005).

The Blue Ink Predecessor: CRUD Genie

While working on an enterprise level, custom developed web application project in 1999 Lee Richardson begain work on a predecessor to Blue Ink: The CRUD Genie.  During the project the author observed that large parts of the Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) based application consisted of repetitious code that he discovered could be generated. This discovery resulted in the creation of a product that greatly increased productivity on that project and nearly doubled productivity on other projects.

Blue Ink in Development

The Blue Ink Product is a commercially viable, completely rewritten and re-engineered version of CRUD Genie. Blue Ink expands upon the success of its predecessor by providing: complete control over an outputted application through the use of templates; the ability to prototype a solution in minutes due to Blue Ink's implementation of meta-data; and JAG, a new software development methodology that fully utilizes the power of application generation technology. Blue Ink and JAG were developed over the four year period from February of 2001 through January of 2005. .

Blue Ink Success

Blue Ink and the JAG methodology brought success to Headstrong Public Secor during its implementation of a custom, web base, resource management application for a top four consulting company during the first quarter of 2005.  Headstrong Public Sector saw over a 400% increase in productivity thanks to Automated Archhitecture's solutions (see Time Savings for more details).


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